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Associate member P.A.R.I.S 13 rue du Four F-75006 PARIS T.: 33 1 40 46 40 00
ORCID 0000-0002-6577-4686
Olivier Finance is a doctor in Geography. He finished his thesis, prepared into the ERC GeoDiverCity project, in october 2016, mobilizing urban, economic and quantitative geography. The thesis focuses on transnational investments in French cities, linking globalization with its local implications through scaling laws. He is now postdoc researcher into the Bru-Net project exploring (...)

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Associé - E.H.GO 13 rue du Four F-75006 PARIS T.: 33 6 20 63 85 69
2015 - Associate Professor at l’University College Dublin (UCD), School of Geography. Modules taught: Ideas in Geography (undergraduate - stage 3); Development Geographies (undergraduate - stage 3); Globalization, Regional and World Economy (undergraduate – stage 2); Postcolonial Geographies and Geographies of Latin America (Master), Fieldwork in the Global South (Master).
Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster for the (...)

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FLEURY Antoine


Junior Researcher National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Campus Condorcet
5, cours des Humanités
93322 Aubervilliers cedex
Open Archives
Dr. Antoine Fleury is a Junior Researcher in geography at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). In his research he aims to highlight how public spaces are produced in European metropolises with regard to design, management and control. He analyzes the changing practices of both public institutions and various stakeholders, (...)

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FOL Sylvie


Professeure - C.R.I.A Institut de Géographie 191 rue Saint-Jacques F-75005 PARIS T.: 33 1 44 32 14 18
My Publications
My Open Archives

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FRANÇOIS Jean-Christophe


Maître de Conférences - P.A.R.I.S 13 rue du Four F-75006 PARIS T.: 33 1 40 46 40 01 - F.: 33 1 40 46 40 09
My Publications My Open Archives
Research on urban metropolitan areas focusing on social polarisation related with social and spatial inequality. Analysis of the school-related segregation process working with sociologists of the Centre de Sociologie Européenne (the former team of Pierre Bourdieu). Theorical main interests: the concept of spatial discontinuity and the multi-scalar (...)

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FRETIGNY Jean-Baptiste


Associate member P.A.R.I.S 5, cours des Humanités, 93322 Aubervilliers Cedex T.: + 33 1 34 25 64 01 F.: + 33 1 40 46 40 09
Open Archives
Jean-Baptiste Frétigny is Associate Professor in Human Geography at Cergy University, researcher at the MRTE laboratory and associate member of the UMR Géographie-cités research unit.
My PhD deals with Mobilities to the Test of Airports: from Public Spaces to Networked Territorialities. It draws on the cases of Paris Charles-De-Gaulle, (...)

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Associate member C.R.I.A
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Associée - Université de Provence UMR TELEMME - MMSH Aix en Provence

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Associated ProfessorC.R.I.A
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