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SAGEO 2011 - 7 juillet 2011 - Paris

Conférence internationale de Géomatique et d’Analyse Spatiale

Au sein de la 25è Conférence Internationale de Cartographie, 3-8 juillet 2011, Palais des Congrès, Paris

SAGEO is the French annual international conference which connects the different fields, approaches, disciplines and actors, promoting the geoinformatics. It is organized by the two French research networks MAGIS and the European Research Group S4. SAGEO aims at:
• presenting research work in the field of geoinformatics, spatial analysis and Geographic Information Science;
• connecting the communities of these different fields and to provide a exchange place on research and development on geographic information science;

Specific orientations of SAGEO’2011
2011 is a special edition of SAGEO, it will take place on July 7th, 2011 in Paris within the 25th International Cartographic Conference. We propose to focus on the conceptual and methodological issues that technical innovations face to geographical information sciences.
Which are the new exploration methods for the geographical information? Which are the geographical issues coming from the diversity and explosion of massive data? What could be the new models of organisation, integration and representation of these large datasets? What are the new approaches for data modelling and for spatial data mining? How to take into account various dimensions (spatial and temporal granularity, immediacy, quantity, quality…) from either the semantic point of view or the geometric one? What are the emergent processes, protocols and use of the geographic information online? What are the interactions between technological improvements and the user needs and demands?

Main topics and methodological orientations for SAGEO 2011
• Mobility of persons, objects and systems, transports and flows, trajectories analysis,
• Collaborative Systems and decision making
• Complex systems, simulation
• Spatio-temporal modelling and simulation, spatial intelligence in futures studies and territorial foreseeing
• Integration, fusion, multi-scale and automatic generalization
• Data and knowledge bases, knowledge representation, knowledge engineering
• Real time GIS, 3D GIS, temporal GIS
• Modelling and management of uncertainty, error propagation, sensitivity analysis
• Spatial data mining, spatial analysis, geostatistics
• Spatial cognition: perception and appropriation of space
• Geo-visualization, Webmapping, dynamic mapping, mobile applications, Web services and Semantic Web, Networks, Ubiquitous GIS
• Uses and socio-economic impacts of geographic information (legal, economic, networks of actors)
• Modelling of Urban dynamics
• Coastal management, seashore
• Change of land use
• Risks and vulnerabilities
• Teaching geoinformatics and spatial analysis

View online : Site de l’ICC 2011

Updated on : 23 February 2012


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