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CNRS professor
Bâtiment de recherches sud
Campus Condorcet, 5 cours des Humanités
93322 Aubervilliers cedex—France

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Natacha Aveline-Dubach is CNRS professor and specialist of urban issues in East Asia. She spent more than ten years in Japan, where she was affiliated to the Maison Franco-Japonaise (an institution jointly run by CNRS and the French ministry of Foreign affairs) and visiting scholar in various universities (Kyoto, Waseda, Tokyo, Keio). From 2006 to 2010, she served as director of the CNRS North Asia regional office based in Tokyo. She also spent one year in Hong Kong (2011-2012), where she was affiliated to the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (jointly run by CNRS and the French ministry of Foreign Affairs) and visiting scholar at the university Hong Kong. Her recent research interests are in urban transport, regional land-use, cemetery development/funeral services, and securitization of property markets in Northeast Asian cities. A member of the CNRS Scientific Council in Social Sciences and Humanities, she is also currently in charge of three research projects, respectively funded by the EU (MEDIUM project, EuropeAid program), the ANR (FINURBASIE project, ANR blanc), and an international consortium of funding agencies (ODESSA project Euro-China UPC managed by ME Joël, N. Aveline is in charge of the WP 5 ).)


2008, permanent research director at CNRS, equivalent professor.
2006, Qualification for professor position in section 24 (urban geography/city planning).
2005, Habilitation to supervise research, college 24 (urban geography), university Lyon2.
1993, PhD in urban sciences, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.
1986, Master in geography (hydrology/climatology), university Paris IV-Sorbonne.
1986, Bachelor in geography (3 years), University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg.
1982, Bachelor in history, university of social sciences, Strasbourg.

Oriental languages

1992, Bachelor in Japanese language and civilization, Institut National des Langues Orientales, Paris.
2012, National certificate HSK level 4 (intermediate superior).


Current occupation

Permanent research director at CNRS (equivalent professor) since 2008, affiliated to the Geographie-Cités.
Lecturer in master of urban development at Sciences Po and University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
Elected member of the Scientific Council of the Institut National des Sciences Humaines et Sociales of the CNRS for the term 2019-2024.< br/>
Member of the steering committee of the IGU Urban Commission for the 2020-2024 term of office.

Previous occupations

2011-2012, Assigned by CNRS to the Center for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC) in Hong Kong, visiting scholar au Department of Real Estate and Construction of Hong Kong University.
2010-2011, Assigned by CNRS to the French Institute for Research on Contemporary Japan (Maison Franco-Japonaise) Tokyo. Visiting scholar at Tokyo University and lecturer at Keio University (second semester 2011).
2006-2010, Director of the CNRS North Asia regional office (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan), based in Tokyo.
2002-2006, CNRS researcher at the Institute for East Asian Studies, ENS, university Lyon 2.
2000-2002, Detached at the ministry of Foreign affairs, affiliated to the Institute for Research in Contemporary Japan, Tokyo. Visiting scholar at Waseda University.
1999-2000, Stay in Kyoto with a scholarship from the Europe Canon Foundation. Visiting scholar at Department of Economy, university of Kyoto.
1993-1999, CNRS researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Studies, university Toulouse 2.
1992-1993, Lecturer in geography, university Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
1986-1990, Marketing consultant in the Housing for Sale Department, Federation of Social Housing Companies (UNFO-HLM), Paris. Consulting on housing markets and financial/commercial feasibility of housing development projects allover France).


July-September 2004: Scholarship from the Japan Foundation, visiting scholar at Waseda University, Institute of Comparative Law.
September 1998-June 1999: Scholarship from the Europe Canon Foundation, visiting scholar at the Department of Economy, Kyoto University.
April 1995: Shibusawa-Claudel award for the book "La bulle foncière au Japon" (the Land Bubble in Japan).
Sept 1990- April 1992 : Scholarship Japon-Lavoisier (ministry of Foreign Affairs), visiting scholar at the Center for Urban Studies, Tokyo Metropolitan University.


2019-2023: WP3 leader of the Sino-European "Financing Clean Air" project. WP3 title: "Alternative land value capture mechanisms to support air quality enhancing sustainable transport". Project coordinated by the University of Liverpool, in partnership with the universities of Paris Est, Tongji, Xian Jiaotong, Radbud (ANR funding for Géographie-cités).
2015-2018: PI of the MEDIUM project (EuropeAid EU-China Research and Innovation Partnership). Entitled "New parthways, for sustainable urban development in China’s medium-sized cities", this project involves the following partnership: Hangzhou Normal University, Science Po Aix, Neuchâtel and Lausanne universities, university Ca’ Foscari Venezia.
2015-2018; WP5 leader (’Innovative financial channels to provide serviced-homes and promote ageing-in-place" ) of the ODESSA project ("Optimizing care Delivery modelS to Support Ageing-in-place: towards autonomy, affordability and financial sustainability") Euro-China UPC. .Partnership: university Dauphine, Tsinghua and Central Lancashire —PI: Marie-Eve Joel, SHARE Dauphine.
2013-2016 : PI of the FINURBASIE project, « Expansion de la finance de marché et production urbain en Asie, le cas de la Chine et de l’Inde », in partnership with LATTS
2013-2016: Leader of the research project FINURBASIE, " Expansion of market finance and urban development in Asia, the case of China and India".
Member of the scientific committee of the think tank "Association for Land Studies".
2010-2011: French project leader of the France-Taiwan bilateral project "Globalization and Urban Dynamics in Asia: Taiwanese and French Perspectives", jointly founded by CNRS-NSC.
2011: Leader of the ‘Japanese team’ for the project "The challenges of urban growth and decline for regional planning, perspectives from Japan and Canada" founded by the French agency for regional planning (DATAR).
2006-2010: Project leader of the FunerAsie project (founded by ANR) " The Growth of the Funeral Industry in North-East Asia: Economic, Spatial and Religious Challenges".


Deputy director of the peer-review journal Cybergeo
Member of the scientific committee of the peer-review journal Ebisu
Member of the editorial committee of the journal La Revue Foncière


PhD in progress

Cinzia Losavio " Public Policies and Urban Space: What Place for Chinese Migrant Workers in the Development of the Middle City? "(co-financed by Labex Dynamite and European project MEDIUM), 5th year.
Mencheng Li, "The national park, a new instrument of growth for small Chinese cities? The case of Xianju in Zhejiang Province", 5th year.
Pengli Wang, "Production Systems of Senior Housing in China, Contrasting Experiences of Zhengzhou and Hangzhou", 5th year.
Congcong Li "Institutional aspects of land value capture in transport financing, the case of the Guangdong Province", 4th year.
Fanny Cottet (in co-direction with Juliette Maulat), "Logiques de marché et immobilier tertiaire alternatif" (CIFRE financing) 3rd year.
Clara Julien (in co-direction with Gwenn Pulliat), "L’insertion urbaine des déplacés environnementaux dans le cas du Vietnam", 3rd year.

defended PhD theses

Chunya Liu "Political Regimes, Economic Development and Urban Growth in Taiwan" (NSC Taiwan funding), defended on October 2, 2020.
Vincent Le Rouzic, " La ville abordable : recomposition de l’action publique autour des dispositifs innovants d’accession sociale à la propriété " (CIFRE funding), thesis defended on 15 October 2019.
Sylvain Rémy (in co-direction with Céline Vacchiani), "Les économies de diversité industrielle urbaine pour l’entrepreneuriat innovant, le cas des Etats-Unis", thesis defended on November 30, 2018.
Sophie Buhnik (co-directed with Sylvie Fol), "Déclin urbain et mobilité dans l’aire métropolitaine d’Osaka" (financed by JSPS), thesis defended on 15 December 2015.


Land policy and urban development in East Asia
Changing patterns of funeral space and services in the biggest Northeast Asian cities (Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul)
Financialisation of urban development in Asia (Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore)
Territorial impact of ageing (Japan)
Urban development and railway transport (Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong).


Articles in peer-review journals — selection

R. Legoix, L. Casanova Enault, L. Bonneval, T. Le Corre, E. Benites-Gambirazio, G. Boulay, W. Kutz, N. Aveline-Dubach, J. Migozzi, R. Ysebaert, “Housing (In)equity and the Spatial Dynamics of Homeownership in France: A Research Agenda”, Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, DOI: 10.1111/tesg.12460.

N. Aveline-Dubach (2020), “The financialization of rental housing in Japan”, Land Use Policy .DOI:,

N. Aveline-Dubach, G. Blandeau (2019), “The political economy of transit value capture: The changing business model of the MTRC in Hong Kong”, Urban Studies, 1–17.

O. N’Diaye, N. Aveline-Dubach, R. Le Goix (2018), "The adoption of smart grid technology by Japanese developers: A real estate perspective on the smart city".
En français: « L’adoption du smart grid par les promoteurs japonais : une perspective immobilière sur la smart city », L’Espace géographique, 47, 4, 289-304. DOI : 10.3917/eg.474.0289

N. Aveline-Dubach (2017), « La centralité du foncier dans le régime d’accumulation du capital en Chine », Revue de la Régulation, 21, 25 p. DOI : 10.4000/regulation.12262.

N. Aveline-Dubach (2016), “Embedment of ‘Liquid’ Capital into the Built Environment: The Case of REIT Investment in Hong Kong”, Issues & Studies, 52, 4, 32 p. DOI: 10.1142/S1013251116400014.

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N. Aveline-Dubach (2013) Finance Capital Launches an Assault on Real Estate, China Perspectives, 2, 29-39. DOI: 10.4000/chinaperspectives.6157. En français: Les capitaux financiers à l’assaut de l’espace chinois.

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N. Aveline (1995), « Bolla fondiaria e mutazione delle forme urbane a Tokyo », Storia urbana, 70, 49-70.

Editor of special issues

N. Aveline-Dubach (dir., 2016), “Land and Real Estate Development in the Greater China”, Issues & Studies, vol. 52, 4

N. Aveline-Dubach (dir. 2013), « Real Estate Speculation and its Social Consequences », special feature, China Perspective, n°2, en version anglaise et française

N.Aveline (coord., 1998), « Regards croisés sur les formes de la ville japonaise », numéro spécial Daruma n°3, Picquier, Arles, p. 13-156.


N. Aveline-Dubach (dir. 2018), Pathways of sustainable development across China — the cases of Hangzhou, Datong and Zhuhai. E-book, Venise, Imago editor, 148 p.

N. Aveline-Dubach (dir. 2015), Vieillissement et déprise urbaine au Japon, les nouveaux défis de l’aménagement, Paris, La Documentation Française, collection GCET, 106 p.

N. Aveline-Dubach, S.C. Jou, and H.H. Hsiao (dir., 2014) Globalization and new intra-urban dynamics in Asian cities, Taipei, Presses de l’Université Nationale de Taiwan

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N. Aveline (1995), La bulle foncière au Japon, Paris, ADEF.

Contributions to edited volumes

N. Aveline-Dubach (2020). « The financialization of real estate in megacities and its variegated trajectories in East Asia”, In André Sorensen and Danielle Labbé (dir.), International Handbook of Megacities and Megacity Regions, Edward Elgar.

N. Aveline-Dubach, T. Le Corre, E. Denis, C. Napoléone (2020). « Les futurs du foncier : modes d’accumulation du capital, droit de propriété et production de la ville ». In Collectif, Pour la Recherche Urbaine, Paris : cnrseditions, -335, 20. On open source:

N. Aveline-Dubach (2020). « China’s Housing Booms: a Challenge to Bubble Theory”. In Pumain D. (ed.), Theories and models of urbanization. Cham, Springer . DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-36656-8_11. Nature.

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Working papers and other documents-sélection

N. Aveline-Dubach, Hisatoshi Ai, Yasushi Asami (2012), “New Patterns of investment under real estate securitization ; evidence from the Tokyo market”, discussion paper n° 111, Institute for Information Science, Tokyo university. real-estate-securitization

N. Aveline-Dubach (dir. 2011), « Les défis aménagistes face au vieillissement de la population au Japon», rapport pour la DATAR, septembre 2011, 119 p.

N. Aveline-Dubach (dir. 2010), « Les pompes funèbres, une industrie bien vivante en pleine mutation, perspectives comparées France-Japon », working paper of the UMIFRE 19 Maison Franco-Japonaise, série R, WP-R-06-IFRJC-Aveline-10-08.pdf., 82 p.

N. Aveline-Dubach (2005), « Les marchés fonciers à l’épreuve de la mondialisation, nouveaux enjeux pour la théorie économique et pour les politiques publiques », mémoire d’habilitation, Institut d’urbanisme de Lyon, université Lyon 2, soutenu le 10 octobre 2005, 211 p.

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N. Aveline-Dubach, AVRIST, Imago (2019), « L’innovation en Chine, décryptage des enjeux urbains, socio-économiques et technologiques » (vidéo de synthèse du colloque MEDIUM de juin 2018), accessible sur le site : Intégralité du colloque en ligne :

Aveline N., 2000, Jimenez J., " Mourir à Tokyo " film documentaire en bétacam de 52 minutes sur le marché du foncier funéraire dans l’agglomération de Tokyo, Centre Audiovisuel de l’Université Toulouse 2, achevé en mars 2000.

Translations from Japanese to French, selection

H. Yahagi (2015), « Freiner le déclin agricole et l’exode rural dans la préfecture d’Akita », in N. Aveline-Dubach (dir.), Vieillissement et déprise urbaine au Japon, les nouveaux défis de l’aménagement, La Documentation Française, collection CGET, Paris, p. 23-33.

Ryôhei Takamura (2013) « Les espaces funéraires à Séoul, une histoire marquée par l’expérience coloniale, in Natacha Aveline-Dubach (dir.), La place des morts dans les mégalopoles d’Asie orientale, 21 p. Editions des Indes Savantes, Paris, p. 177-201.

Kiyoko Hagihara (1998), " Les relations entre l’Etat et les collectivités locales ", in: Aveline N. (dir.), " Regards croisés sur les formes de la ville japonaise ", Daruma n°3, Picquier, Arles , 83-99.

Takahito Miyao (1996)" Controverses autour des politiques foncières et des valeurs immobilières ", in: La Recherche sur la ville au Japon, actes des journées franco-japonaises du PIR-Villes, CNRS éditions, Paris, 1996, 107-115.

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