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Globalization and New Intra-urban Dynamics in Asian Cities

Presses de l’Université Nationale de Taiwan

This book presents a set of essays on the globalization and intra-urban dynamics of the Asian cities conducted by Taiwanese and French researchers. It covers four main themes: “culture-led regeneration projects,” “dynamics of second-tier cities,” “urban redevelopment and land issues,” and “new urban spaces of regulation, associational life, and civic action.”

It involved comparing research subject priorities in this field as well as the approaches chosen to deal with them within a geographical zone extended from Northeast to southern Asia. Rather than a comparison between Western and Asian visions of the same urban objects, the project aimed to highlight differences and/or similarities in the approaches of scientific communities, inevitably influenced by national issues.

With great articulation and discourse between urban reality and theories, it also observes distinctive approaches of urban research teams respectively in France and Taiwan.

PDF - 41.9 kb
Updated on : 8 September 2014


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