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Sylvain REMY

PhD in Geography


Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Economics of Cities; Business Ecosystems; Stakeholder Theory


Sustainable Development in Asia; Socially Responsible Value Creation
Smart Cities in Asia; Asian Cities


  • 2014, 2016: Program co-Director, Singapore-France Joint Seminar series, for the Singapore Cooperation Program (SCP) & the French Foreign Development Aid Agency (AFD) at ESSEC Business School
  • 2015-2016: Program Director, Sustainable Innovation Seminar series, for Veolia at ESSEC Business School
  • 2016: Program Director, Asian Strategy Project series for the MSc in Management, ESSEC Business School
  • 2015-2017: Principal Investigator, Study on Singapore’s urban ecosystem services, for EDF Labs Singapore at ESSEC Business School


  • 2017-2018: Research Fellow, Chair of Networked Business Models, ESSEC Business School, Singapore
  • 2014-2017: Director, Institute for Sustainable Development and Smart Cities, ESSEC Business School, Singapore
  • 2009-2012: Commercial Attaché and Deputy Commercial Counsellor, Trade Commission of the French Embassy, Seoul, Korea
  • 2006-2009: Economic & Legal Attaché, Trade Commission of the French Embassy, Seoul, Korea
  • 1996-2006: Managing Consultant in Business Process & Information Systems


  • Book chapters
    Remy, S., Kolokotsa, J., Ondrus, J., El Ouarzazi, Y., & Glady, N. (forthcoming). Corporate Purpose and Business Ecosystems. In B. Roche & C. Mayer (Eds.), Putting Purpose into Practice.
    Parc, J., & Remy, S. (2015). FDI and Cluster: From Local to Global Link. In H.-C. Moon (Ed.), Foreign Direct Investment: A Global Perspective (pp. 97–111). Singapore: World Scientific.
  • Working papers
    Remy, S. (2017). The Valuation of Urban Ecosystem Services in Singapore (p. 32). Singapore: EDF Lab. (restricted circulation)
    Remy, S. (2014). The K-Strategy: strategic social capital for urban competitiveness (Working Paper No. 6; pp. 1–18). Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University.
  • Dataset (unpublished)
    Remy, S. Complete set of CrunchBase organizations as of October 2016, with normalised addresses. [R data frame].
  • Media
    Remy, S. (2006, December). 5% de croissance en Corée : Les Français en profitent. Corée Affaires, (66).
    Remy, S. (2007, March). Excellente tenue de l’économie coréenne en 2006. Corée Affaires, (67).
    Remy, S. (2007, May). La Corée regarde vers la Chine et, au-delà, vers l’Europe. Corée Affaires, (68).
    Remy, S. (2007, August). La consommation repart. Corée Affaires, (69).
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    Remy, S. (2008, February). Les défis du nouveau président. Corée Affaires, (72).
    Remy, S. (2008, April). L’économie coréenne au moment de la prise de pouvoir de Lee Myung-Bak. Corée Affaires, (73).
    Remy, S. (2008, September). Tassement de l’économie coréenne à mi-parcours en 2008. Corée Affaires, (75).
    Remy, S. (2008, November). Quel risque représente la crise financière pour l’économie coréenne ?, Corée Affaires, (76).
    Remy, S. (2009, February). Le ralentissement mondial frappe durement la Corée aussi. Corée Affaires, (77).
    Remy, S. (2009, May). L’innovation dans les relations commerciales franco-coréennes. Corée Affaires, (78).
  • Business books
    Remy, S. (2009). Corée du Sud (A. Chéry, Ed.). Paris: Ubifrance.
    Remy, S., & Giraudon, A. (2008). S’implanter en Corée du Sud (A. Chéry & P. Li, Eds.). Paris: Ubifrance.


  • 2019: PhD in Geography, Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, UMR Géographie-cités (Defence committee: Natacha Aveline, Olivier Bouba-Olga, Bernard Pecqueur, Denise Pumain, Céline Rozenblat, Céline Vacchiani-Marcuzzo)
  • 1993: MSc in Management, ESSEC Business School
Updated on : 24 April 2019


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