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Period: 2008-2011

A Comparative International Study of Scientific Journal in Social Sciences and Humanities

The objective of the JournalBase Project is to make a systematic comparison of the databases (Web of Science, Scopus), and unilateral lists of national and international journals that appeared for the SSH in 2007 and 2008 (ERIH, AERES), in order to evaluate how representative these sources for the journals are according to the disciplines, and to test the quality of their potential use as instruments of bibliometry. It is not a question of providing a validation for these instruments, but of presenting the largest possible number of elements, precisely in order to compare and evaluate them.
Coordinators: Michèle Dassa (CNRS-INSHS), Christine Kosmopoulos (CNRS-UMR Géographie-cités)

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Updated on : 9 June 2017


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