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COTTINEAU Clémentine


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Clémentine Cottineau is a permanent research from the CNRS at the Centre Maurice Halbwachs, where she works on urban geography around the question of scales in the observation of economic inequality and the identification of processes which increase of decrease inequality. She is also a honorary Research Associate at CASA (University College London) where she worked as a post-doc (2014-2017) and at the laboratory Géographie-cités, from which she worked at a PhD student (2011-2014), under the supervision of Denise Pumain.


Urban Geography
Economic Geography
Comparative Study of Urban Systems
Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Urban Dynamics
Agent-Based Modelling and Spatial Simulation


Since January 2018 | Researcher CNRS at CMH

2014-2017 | Research Associate at CASA (University College London)

2012-2014 | Teaching Assistant at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

2011-2014 | PhD Student in Geography

2011-2014 | Copy editor for Cybergéo : Eurorean Journal of Geography


2014 | PhD in Geography, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Thesis (in French) "The Evolution of cities in the post-Soviet space. Observation and Modellings", under the supervision of Denise Pumain. Cum laude..

2011 | Master of Geography " Géoprisme ", University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

2009 |
Degree in Geography, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Degree in Economics, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne


2018 | Accredited researcher from the CASD to access French personal secured data

2016 | Secondary advisor for research students (University College London)

2016 | Accredited researcher from the ONS to access British personal secured data

2015 | Ph.D. award in Regional Science « Philippe Aydalot »

2015 | CNU (Teaching) Qualification, section 23

2011-2014 | Ph.D. contract with University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne


Research Projects
2019-2020 | Project Cities Partnership Programme. University College London. PI: par Elsa Arcaute and Clémentine Cottineau.

2018-2020 | DARES Project. "L’entreprise en négociation". Centre Maurice Halbwachs. PI: Claudre Didry and Philippe Askénazy.

2015-2020 | EPSRC Project UKRDRF. The UK Regions Digital Research Facility. Inter-disciplinary research centre for City and Regional Economic Analytics. PI: Alan Penn, Philip Treleaven, Paul Longley, Michael Batty and Alan Wilson.

2014-2015 | ERC Project MECHANICITY, PI : Michael Batty.

2011-2016 | ERC Project GeoDiverCity, PI : Denise Pumain.

Since 2017 | Member of the editorial board of Cybergeo Cybergeo

Since 2014 | Reviewer for GeOpenMod (Cybergéo).

Cybergeo (x5); Envionment and Planning B (x4), Plos ONE (x4), Cities (x2), International Journal of Geographical Information Science (x2), Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Big Data and Society, Europa Regional, Géographie Economie et Société, Geoinformatica, Geosciences, International Regional Science Review, Journal of Archaeological Science, Journal of Artification Societies and Social Sciences, L’Espace géographique, Miscellanea Geographica, Papers in Regional Science, Regional Statistics, Routledge Editions, Transaction of the Institute of British Geographers, Urban Studies.

Summer Schools, Workshops, Symposia
2018 | "Massive spatial data: challenges in acquisition, treatment and use for territories", Summer School of the LabEx DynamiTe, Florence (Italie).

2018 | "Theory Development Through Agent-Based Modeling", Volkswagen Foundation, Hanover (Germany).

2016-2018 | Workshops du groupe de jeunes chercheurs en systèmes complexes Eighties.

2016 | "Urban Analytics", Alan Turing Institue, London (UK).

2016 | "Cities as Complex Systems – Scaling, Morphology, and Economics", Volkswagen Foundation, Hanover (Germany).

2016 | "Living Labs", UKCRIK, Newcastle (UK).

2014 | "Reconfigurations of city regions and city networks in post-Soviet space", Rostov-on-Don (Russia), South Federal University, Rostov on Don & Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig

2013 | GeoForum, Kherson University (Ukraine)

2012 | Ecole thématique en géomatique du GDR MAGIS, Aussois (France)

2011 | " Mapping urban shrinkage in Europe ", TU-Dortmund, European Programme COST-Action, Dortmund (Germany).

2012 | Moscow (Russia), Moscow State University (MGU)

2010 | Rostov-On-Don (Russia), North Caucasus Institute of Economic and Social Problems, Sourthern Federal University (Северо-Кавказский НИИ экономических и социальных проблем Южного федерального университета)


Peer-reviewed papers
Cottineau C., Arcaute E., 2020, "The nested structure of urban business clusters", Applied Network Science, Vol. 5, No. 2,

Raimbault J., Chasset P.-O., Cottineau C., Commenges H., Pumain D., Kosmopoulos C., Banos A., 2019, “Empowering open science with reflexive and spatialised indicators”, Environment and Planning B,

Schneider C., Cottineau C., 2019, “Decentralisation versus Territorial Inequality: A Comparative Review of English City Region Policy Discourse”, Urban Science, 3(3), 90,

Cottineau C., Vanhoof M., 2019, “Mobile Phone Indicators and Their Relation to the Socioeconomic Organisation of Cities”, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 8(1), 19,

Cottineau C., Finance O., Hatna E., Arcaute E., Batty M., 2018, "Defining urban clusters to detect agglomeration economies", Environment and Planning B - Urban Analytics and City Science,

Finance O., Cottineau C., 2018, "Are the absent always wrong? Dealing with zero-values in urban scaling", Environment and Planning B - Urban Analytics and City Science,

Cottineau C., 2017, “MetaZipf. A dynamic meta-analysis of city size distributions.”, PLoS One, 12(8),

Cura R., Cottineau C., Swerts E., Ignazzi C. A., Bretagnolle A., Vacchiani-Marcuzzo C., Pumain D., 2017, “The old and the new. Qualifying city systems in the world with classical models and new data”, Geographical Analysis,

Cottineau C., 2017, « Peut-on estimer la singularité des villes (post-)soviétiques ? », Revue d’économie régionale et urbaine (RERU), n° 1/2017, pp. 5-32, Armand Colin. Astract

Cottineau C., Hatna E., Arcaute E., Batty M., 2016, « Diverse cities or the systematic paradox of Urban Scaling Laws », Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, Vol. 59.

Cottineau C., 2016, « A multilevel portrait of shrinking urban Russia », Espace populations sociétés, 2015/3-2016/1, Special Issue on Spaces in Depopulation,Online

Cottineau C., Reuillon R., Chapron P., Rey-Coyrehourcq S., Pumain D., 2015, "A Modular Modelling Framework for Hypotheses Testing in the Simulation of Urbanisation.", Systems, 3, Special Issue Agent-Based Modelling of City Systems, 348-377.

Cottineau C., Chapron P., Reuillon R., 2015, “Growing models from the bottom up. An evaluation-based incremental modelling method (EBIMM) applied to the simulation of systems of cities”, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS), Vol. 18, No. 4, 9.

Chérel G., Cottineau C., Reuillon R., 2015, « Beyond Corroboration: Strengthening Model Validation by Looking for Unexpected Patterns. », PLoS ONE 10(9), e0138212.

Pumain D., Swerts E., Cottineau C., Vacchiani-Marcuzzo, Ignazzi A., Bretagnolle A., Delisle F., Cura R., Lizzi L., Baffi S., 2015, « Multilevel comparison of large urban systems », Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography, document 706

Cottineau C., 2013, « An intermediate system. Trajectories of Russian cities between general dynamics and specific histories. », L’Espace géographique (English Edition), vol. 41, No., 3, pp 247-265.

Cottineau C., 2011, " Processus de métropolisation dans l’espace frontalier post-soviétique : l’exemple de Rostov-sur-le-Don ", Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography, Espace, Société, Territoire, document 563

Other papers

Droujinine A. G., Kirsanova N. V., Cottineau C., 2010, " Identifikatsiya reguional’nykh metropoliï youga Rossii (kartografitcheskoe modelirovanie na osnove gis-tekhnologii) ", Youjno-Rossiiskiï Forum, n°1, 153-157

Other scientific productions
Baffi S., Cottineau C., (2020). "What is emerging? Understanding Urbanisation Dynamics in BRICS Countries Through a Geographical Approach, the Case of Russia and South Africa", in D. Pumain, Theories and Models of Urbanization, Springer, pp. 209-234,

Cottineau C., Chapron P., Le Texier M., Rey‐Coyrehourcq S., (2019). "Incremental Territorial Modeling", in D. Pumain, Geographical Modeling, Cities and Territories, Vol.2, ISTE Publishing, pp. 95-123,

Cottineau C., Frost I., 2018, "The Russian Urban System: Evolution Engaged with Transition", in Rozenblat C., Pumain D., Velasquez E. (Eds): International and Transnational Perspectives on Urban Systems, Springer-Singapore, pp263-284.

Cottineau C., 2014, L’évolution des villes dans l’espace post-soviétique. Observation et modélisations., Doctoral Dissertation – Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Cottineau C., 2014, « DARIUS Database », Urban Database of harmonised population in the Former Soviet Union, 1840-2010, Figshare, Online

Cottineau C., 2014, « Piketty T., 2013, Le capital au XXIe siècle, Seuil, Coll. « Les livres du nouveau monde », 970 p. », Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography [En ligne], Book review Online

Cottineau C., 2014, "Du Général au Particulier. Comment modéliser le système des villes post-soviétiques ?", Scientific Poster presented during ISC-PIF inauguration, March 6th 2014,

Avila de Sousa S., Cottineau C., Dietersdorfer L., Fernandez Agueda B., Gonul D., Hoemke M., Jaroszewska E., Lella I., Mykhnenko V., Prada Trigo J., Schmitz S., Volkmann A., Wiechmann T., Wolff M., 2012, "Mapping urban shrinkage in Europe", Final Report, Training School at Dortmund Technical University, Department of Spatial Planning and Planning Theory (ROP), Nov 14-18th 2011, 31p

Cottineau C., 2011, « Baron M., Cunningham-Sabot E., Grasland C., Rivière D., Van Hamme G. (dir), 2010, Villes et régions européennes en décroissance. Maintenir la cohésion territoriale, Paris, Lavoisier, Série Aménagement et Gestion du territoire, 345 p. », Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography [En ligne], Book review, Online

International communications
Schneider C., Cottineau C., “From Decentralisation to Divergence? A Review of the
Economic Strategies of Six English City Regions”, Regional Studies Association Winter Conference, London (UK), 15-16th November 2018

Cottineau C., Perret J., Reuillon R., Rey-Coyrehourcq S., Vallée J., "An agent-based model to investigate the effects of social segregation around the clock on social disparities in dietary behaviour", 4e Colloque international du CIST "Representing territories", Rouen (France), 22-24th March 2018.

Baffi S., Cottineau C., "What is emerging? Understanding urbanisation dynamics in BRICS countries through a geographical approach, the case of Russia and South Africa", International Workshop Theories and models of urbanization, Paris (France), 12-13th October 2017.

Cottineau C., Arcaute E., Nathan M., "Geoindustrial clustering of London businesses: modelling firms’ trajectories and their interaction with the urban fabric", ECTQG 2017, York (UK), 7-11th September 2017.

Cottineau C., Raimbault J., Le Texier M., Le Néchet F., Reuillon R., "Initial spatial conditions in simulation models: the missing leg of sensitivity analyses?, Geocomputation, Leeds (UK), 4-7th September 2017

Cottineau C., Arcaute E., Nathan M., "Microscopic networks of London businesses... a century apart". Regional Science Association Annual Meeting, Dublin (Irland), 5-7th June 2017.

Cottineau C., “MetaZipf. A dynamic meta-analysis of city size distributions”, Data Natives, London (UK), 28th April 2017.

Cottineau C., “Trajectories of inequality through urban scales”, Urbanics III, Pucon (Chili), 13-16 Mars 2017.

Cottineau C., 2016, “Scales of urban inequalities”, Progress in Transportation and Urban Analytics, COST-Action Network Meeting, London (UK), 11th November 2016.

CottineauC.; Reuillon R., Rey-Coyerehourcq, 2016, “Back to the future of Multimodelling”, Royal Geographical Society Annual Meeting, London (UK), 30th August– 2nd September 2016.

CottineauC., 2016, “Agglomeration Economies or Urban Inequalities”,Cities as Complex Systems – Structure, Scaling and Economics (CTCS 2016), Hanover (Germany), 13-15th July 2016

Cottineau C.,Commenges H., 2016, “Visualiser les réseaux géographiques et sémantiques”, 20e anniveraire de Cybergéo, Paris (France), 26th May 2016

CottineauC., 2016, “When I say ’City’, you say... What?”, Edinburgh Science Festival, Future cities: do they all add up?, Edinburg (UK), 3rd April 2016.

Cottineau C., Finance O., Arcaute E., Hatna E., Batty, M., 2015, “Big (combinatorial) Data in measuring size effects on urban efficiency”, Seoul Metropolitan Forum on Future Cities, Seoul (South Korea), 19-20th November 2015.

Cottineau C., Finance O., Arcaute E., Hatna E., Batty, M., 2015, “How to define agglomerations if you want to observe agglomeration economies?”, Conference on Complex Systems 2015 (CCS’15) , Tempe (USA), 28th September - 2 October 2015.

Chapron P., Cottineau C., Reuillon R., 2015, “Building and exploring systems of cities models via distributed computing”, Conference on Complex Systems 2015 (CCS’15) , Tempe (USA), 28 September - 2 October 2015.

Cottineau C., Le Néchet F., Le Texier M., Raimbault J., Reuillon R., 2015, “Revisiting some geography classics with spatial simulation”, European Colloquium of Theoretical and Quantitative Geography (ECTQG) 2015, Bari (Italy), 3-7 September 2015. Abstract Online

Cottineau C., Arcaute E., Hatna E., Batty, M., 2015, “Urban Scaling:" Size matters, but city definition says how"”; European Colloquium of Theoretical and Quantitative Geography (ECTQG) 2015, Bari (Italy), 3-7 September 2015. Abstract Online

Cottineau C., 2015, « Some methods and models of inequality in complex urban contexts », Alpbach European Forum, Technology Symposium, Plenary session on « Complexity and InEquality », Innsbruck (Austria), 27-29 August, 2015.

Cottineau C., Chérel G., Reuillon R., Chapron P., Pumain D., 2015, “Un modèle, et après ? Exploration de dynamiques urbaines simulées avec MARIUS”, XIIe Rencontres ThéoQuant, Besançon (France), 20-22 Mai, 2015.
Abstract Online

Cottineau C., Arcaute E., Hatna, E., Batty M., 2015, “Inégalités de tailles et inégalités de revenus dans les villes françaises : analyse multi- et inter- niveaux”, XIIe Rencontres ThéoQuant, Besançon (France), 20-22 Mai, 2015.
Abstract Online

Cottineau C., 2014, "How to explain the evolution of the post-Soviet system of cities ? A modeling approach", ira.urban International and Interdisciplinary PhD Summer School, May 16-21st, Rostov-on-Don (Russie)
Online program

Cottineau C., Chapron P., 2014, "Evaluation & Calibration for the comparison of ABMs of cities’ trajectories", AAG 2014, Avril 7-12th, Tampa (Florida)
Abstract Online

Chapron P., Cottineau C., Reuillon R., Rey-Coyrehourcq S., Schmitt C., 2014, "Construction inter-disciplinaire de multi-modélisation pour l’étude des systèmes de villes", XXIe Journées de Rochebrune, Rencontres interdisciplinaires sur les systèmes complexes naturels et artificiels, January 19-25th,

Cottineau C., Chapron P., 2013, "Back in the USSR: a series of models for simulating urban evolution", European Colloquium of Complex Systems ECCS 2013, Satellite meeting "Urban Systems Modeling", Barcelona (Espagne), Septembre 19th 2013
Online presentation of the satellite meeting

Cottineau C., Chapron P., 2013, "Step-wise modeling. An incremental method for modeling cities trajectories in the post-Soviet urban system.", European Colloquium of Theoretical and Quantitative Geography ECTQG 2013, Dourdan (France), 5-9th September 2013
Abstract online

Cottineau C., 2013, "What makes post-Soviet cities shrink?", IGU Regional Conference, Kyoto (Japan), 4-9th Aug. 2013
Abstract online

Cottineau C., 2013, "Territoires et systèmes de villes. Les trajectoires des villes post-soviétiques depuis 1991", XIth ThéoQuant Meetings, Besançon (France), 20-22th Feb. 2013
Abstract online

Cottineau C., 2012, " A simulation tool for assessing the specificity of the evolutionary path of Russian cities", AAG Annual Meeting, New York City, Feb 24-28th 2012
Abstract online

Cottineau C., Kirsanova N. V., 2010, " Metodika identifikatsii youjno-rossiiskikh metropoliï ", Early stage researchers session, seminar Teoriya sotsial’no-ekonomitcheskoï geografii : traditsii i innovatsii, North Caucasus Institute of Economic and Social Problems, May 4-8th 2010, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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