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PhD student

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Juste Raimbault is a PhD student at Université Paris 7 Diderot, at UMR Géographie-Cités under the supervision of Arnaud Banos, with the co-supervision of Florent Le Néchet at UMR-T LVMT. His thesis in quantitative geography questions the possibility of models of urban systems coupling urban growth with transportation networks growth. Indeed, despite an empirical agreement on the importance of a "co-evolution" between the city and transportation networks, the conception of theoretical or simulation models that would make it endogeneous has been previously poorly tackled. Models of type LUTI assume a static transportation network, whereas network growth literature take the urban environment as exogeneous. The study of coupled models is allowed by the conjunction of various disciplines (geography, physics, economy, computer science, epistemology) and various methods (statistics, dynamical systems, multi-agent models, complex networks), characterizing this thesis as a Complex Systems Science approach.


Network-Territory Interactions ; Integrated Geography ; Modeling and Simulation ; Intensive Computation ; Applied Epistemology


Bergeaud A., Potiron Y., Raimbault J. (2017). Classifying patents based on their semantic content. PLOS ONE, vol. 12, no 4, p. 1-22. pone

Raimbault, J. (2017). A Discrepancy-Based Framework to Compare Robustness Between Multi-attribute Evaluations. In Complex Systems Design & Management (pp. 141-154). Springer International Publishing. arXiv:1608.00840

Raimbault, J. (2016). Investigating the Empirical Existence of Static User Equilibrium. Forthcoming in Transportation Research Procedia. arXiv:1608.05266

Generation of Correlated Synthetic Data, forthcoming in Actes des Journées de Rochebrune 2016.

Models Coupling Urban Growth and Transportation Network Growth: An Algorithmic Systematic Review Approach, forthcoming in ECTQG 2015 proceedings.

Raimbault, J. (2014). User-Based Solutions for Increasing Level of Service in Bike-Sharing Transportation Systems. In Complex Systems Design & Management (pp. 31-44). Springer International Publishing.
Best Student Paper Award at CSDM 2014.

Raimbault, J., Banos, A. & Doursat, R. (2014) A Hybrid Network/Grid Model of Urban Morphogenesis and Optimization. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Complex Systems and Applications (ICCSA 2014), June 23-26, 2014, Université de Normandie, Le Havre, France; M. A. Aziz-Alaoui, C. Bertelle, X. Z. Liu, D. Olivier, eds.: pp. 51-60.


Raimbault, J. (2016). Towards a Theory of Co-evolutive Networked Territorial Systems: Insights from Transportation Governance Modeling in Pearl River Delta, China. Medium Seminar-Urban Sustainable Development in Zhuhai (Guangzhou, December 2016). hal

Raimbault, J. (2016, August). For a Cautious Use of Big Data and Computation. Royal Geographical Society-Annual Conference 2016-Session: Geocomputation, the Next 20 Years (1) (London, September 2016). hal

Raimbault, J. (2016). Indirect Bibliometrics by Complex Network Analysis. 20e Anniversaire de Cybergeo (Paris, May 2016). hal

Raimbault, J. & Serra, H. (2016). Game-based Tools as Media to Transmit Freshwater Ecology Concepts, poster presented at SETAC 2016 (Nantes, May 2016).

Le Nechet, F. & Raimbault, J. (2015). Modeling the emergence of metropolitan transport authority in a polycentric urban region, ECTQG 2015 (Bari, sept. 2015).

Raimbault, J. (2015). Hybrid Modeling of a Bike-Sharing Transportation System, poster presented at ICCSS 2015 (Helsinki, june. 2015).

Raimbault, J. & Gonzales, J. (2015). Application de la Morphogénèse de Réseaux Biologiques à la Conception Optimale d’Infrastructures de Transport, poster presented at Rencontres du Labex Dynamite (Paris, may 2015).

Loeve, S., Raimbault, J. \& al. (june 2014). Student Event, at Workshop Worldviews and Values in Synthetic Biology, University Paris 1 Sorbonne, June 6-7, 2014 (

Raimbault, J. , 14 march 2014, When open data are incomplete :
inference of missing data for model parameterization, lightning
talk at Scientific Open Data Conference, IGN St Mandé (



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