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Research Teams

C.R.I.A. Research Team

Centre de recherches sur les Réseaux, l’Industrie et l’Aménagement

Research Centre: Networks, Industry, Planning (CRIA) CRIA’s research used to focus on industrial geography and on territorial planning, but deindustrialization in Western countries has changed the focal point to other economic sectors, such as financial activities or network sectors (transportation, telecommunications). CRIA’s research also puts more emphasis on socio-spatial dynamics, spatial inequalities, and on their relationships with mobility, economic transformations or planning (...)

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E.H.GO Research Team

Épistémologie et Histoire de la GéOgraphie

The academic and research activities of the EHGO (Epistemology and History of Geography) team are focused on the critical, epistemological and historical analysis of geographical knowledge and representations. The team investigates two mains fields of research: on the one hand the issues of image, representation and writing in geography and the knowledge of space; on the other, the issue of discourse and social practices developed by geographers.
These activities are conceived both on an (...)

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P.A.R.I.S Research Team

Pour l’Avancement des Recherches sur l’Interaction Spatiale

The P.A.R.I.S. research team focuses on two main objects of study: the city and urban systems. Its researchers analyze spatial dynamics, considering that spatial and social interactions play a leading role in these organizations. Spatial analysis and dynamic modeling, enhanced by the contributions emerging in the sciences of complexity, are a particular focus. In addition, practices and representations of different agents are taken into consideration more systematically. This approach has (...)

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